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Interactive games which allow gamers to create stories are very popular. Choices: Stories You Play is one of the most popular interactive mobile games out there. It features a creative story mode where the player gets to choose what happens next. Different Choices you make leads to different ending. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch from Netflix anyone?

Choices: Stories You Play - about the game

In Choices, well, it is all about the Choices you make. It is an open-ended game where the gamer decides how the game ends. It was launched on both Android and iPhone by Pixelberry Studios. Within a few weeks, the game gained a lot of popularity and there are millions of players who love this game.

As soon as you download Choices game you get to choose your account (Facebook or Google) to link with the game. Synchronizing an account helps you save the game progress. The next time you play Choices game online, from any other device, you can directly start from where you left. You also have the option to play as a guest where your progress would be stored locally in the device.

As soon as you choose your game account you are allowed to choose from the following options:

  • Young Adult
  • Romance
  • Vampire

It leads you to the stories in that genre. You then get to customize your character right from choosing the gender, to name and the clothes and appearance. Once you are done personalizing your Avatar, you get to go into the story. You get a short briefing of the background information you need to begin the story. From there on, every choice you make would have a strong influence on the storyline.

Resources that get you through the game

There are Choices diamonds and keys that you can use inside the game for various functions. You need Choices keys in order to proceed to a chapter no matter what book you choose. You need Choices stories you play diamonds to buy outfits as well as features like hairstyles.

Some of the popular Choices app stories you should try!

There are many stories to try and many more that are added periodically. You can choose stories based on genre or even browse through all the available series. If you are looking for an interesting story to try, here are some of the most popular ones.

High School Story: comes with 3 books and 2 HSS Class Act books. This one is for those who love the young adult genre.

Choices game freshman series: main and side stories are available. In these Choices stories you play freshman. Once you complete the freshman book 4 you also get to continue to The Sophomore Books.

The crown and the flame book 1 is particularly popular in this story. You can easily find the crown and the flame book 1 walkthrough to help you complete the book with ease.

The lovehacks book 1 and lovehacks book 2 are both great stories to check out.

If you are looking for something different, it lives in the woods Choices is a must-try. This is not just another Choices stories you play romance.

Some of the best choice stories that come with a twist are Choices the heist set in Monaco, The Haunting of the Braidwood Manor, The Elementalists, and Wishful Thinking.

How to get diamonds on Choices? How to get keys on Choices?

You get Choices app diamonds when you complete a chapter.

Watching sponsored ads can also fetch a diamond or two.

How do you get more keys in Choices? You get free keys in Choices periodically. Your keys reserve increases at a slow pace as you play the game.

Besides the above ways to earn free diamonds and keys for Choices, you can also buy them directly in the game, for real money. The default options to expand your reserve are pretty slow. Therefore learning how to get more diamonds on Choices is not enough. You should know how to get unlimited diamonds in Choices Stories You Play. You should also know how to get keys faster in Choices game.

Accessing Choices unlimited keys and diamonds with our Choices cheats

This generator allows you to make sure that you can have an unlimited supply of keys and diamonds for Choices. There are two ways in which you can hack Choices Stories You Play.

One is to directly generate free diamonds on Choices directly from your browser. This would require you to complete a quick task to complete human verification. You might have to provide your email id or social media account login to complete the verification process. This completes the generation of Choices unlimited diamonds and keys without any download. You should just know that Choices stories you play username to send your free diamonds.

If you do not want to disclose your email id anywhere you should know how to hack Choices stories you play without human verification. This is possible by downloading Choices stories you play mod apk. This allows you to play the game from a different perspective. This tool, however, makes it possible to run Choices unlimited keys and diamonds apk 2018 directly from your computer. Once you know how to get free keys in Choices without downloading apps you would be able to use the hack without any delay.

Why should you choose Choices stories you play hack apk?

You can directly use Choices game hack no verification or survey or download required! This makes the process convenient and quick. The tool offers both Choices ios hack and Choices hack android. You can use Choices cheats tool generator online no matter what smartphone you own. You can access the tool directly from your smartphone or even use your desktop browser. The only question you should ask yourself before you use this tool is ‘what is my Choices stories you play username’. Once you have your username, you can access every, Choices story you ever wanted to read. There are no limits in your game as you have a never-ending supply of free diamonds and keys for Choices.

Here are some of the best features of Choices: stories you play hack tool that makes it different from most other Choices the game cheats:

  • If you are someone who cannot wait for hours to get your keys refilled then you would find this Choices cheats to be a blessing. So you can sail through all the chapters in your favorite book without any delay.
  • With the Choices game hack no survey or download is required. Therefore you would not have to worry about your email id or personal contact information being compromised. Therefore it tells you how to hack Choices stories you play without human verification. This makes the Choices stories hack very safe to use.
  • This Choices stories you play apk gives you a whole new version of the game. Therefore would not have to worry about losing your game account.
  • It knows how to bypass human verification for generators. Therefore you do not have to go through the hassle of completing the verification process which takes some time. Instead, you can instantly access your free keys and diamonds without having to wait.
  • The Choices hack 2020 is designed to be easy to use. Even if you are new to playing choice stories you play, you would find this tool to be simple to understand.
  • This one applies Choices cheats without requiring any codes. Therefore you would not have to worry about forgetting or losing your Choices game cheat codes.
  • Buying diamonds and keys for real money is the other quick way to earn some extra. But you can only buy an allowed number of diamonds and keys in one go. Also, these resources are quite expensive. Therefore you might end up paying a lot of money to earn Choices diamonds and keys. This generator tool allows you to overcome this hassle and earn them for free.
  • This Choices hack without human verification gets regular updates. Therefore you do not have to worry about the consistency of the tool. Once you use up all the generated resources, you can always come back for more. If there are any game updates the tool gets its fine-tuning to accommodate the game updates.
  • Anyone can use these Choices app cheats without knowing about coding etc. The tool comes with a simple interface. All you have to do is to enter the number of diamonds and keys you would like to generate and click on the generate button.
  • This Choices Stories You Play hack tool is active round the clock. No matter what time of the day you are playing the game you would be able to get Choices unlimited keys and diamonds delivered.
  • There are many players who have already used this Choices game hack. They have been able to improve their game with the thousands of diamonds and keys.

What do you do with all the resources you accumulate with these choice game cheats?

If you are new to the game you might wonder why you would need unlimited diamonds and keys in the game. Here are some of the main reason why people who play Choices come looking for free Choices keys and diamonds.

The appearance of your character, the clothes the character flaunts, all have a role to play. These can affect your relationship and your stance in the story. There are some slick hairstyles and outfits which are not free. Sometimes you would not be able to attend events or parties in the game if you do not have the right outfit. You need diamonds to buy various types of outfits and also to be able to fully customize your appearance.

Some of the Choices you make have a huge impact on your relationships with other characters. Some of them require diamonds. You would have two or more Choices in each situation. If you wish for the story to proceed the way you want, you should have enough Choices diamonds to choose even those Choices that cost you diamonds. You cannot really write your whole story if you are stuck in the middle of a chapter with few to no diamonds. Otherwise, you would only have limited Choices. This might take a toll on the relationships you had built all along.

For certain tasks in the game, you might have to collect specific items. For example, in the High School Story you would be collecting yearbook photos. Some of them only come in particular segments of the story. Therefore you might have to replay the story to try and collect them all.

If there are some decisions you wish to undo then you can do so by replaying a chapter. Replaying a chapter requires Choices keys. In fact, you would need a number of keys than what you need when you play the chapter for the first time. If there were Choices that cost you diamonds in the chapter, you might need diamonds again when you replay the chapter.

There are several new stories that the developers keep adding. If you wish to put your current story in halt and try a new one, then you need keys to proceed with. There are also some seasonal stories which are great. Again, you need keys for them.

Making the most of Choices Stories You Play

If you wish to spend hours scrolling through all the popular chapters in the game then you would definitely need the Choices unlimited keys and diamonds apk 2018. You can access the game and all of its features without any restrictions. You do not have to wait for a long time until your free keys arrive. You do not have to bear a second thought and hesitate to pick a choice that costs diamonds. Remember that, often the best Choices in each situation are the ones that cost diamonds. So if you wish to make all your favorite Choices in every chapter and get dressed up with all the cool new outfits then this Choices stories you play hack is for you.

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