Best Choices Stories 2020

Perfect Match

A couple who met on an online dating website was looking for a perfect match. They eventually fell in love through this dating site and got married. The husband’s name is Tom and his wife’s name is Shelly. Tom was doing great in his business while Shelly was managing everything at their house. Suspicion started when new people shifted in their neighborhood and claimed that they heard strange noises in Tom and Shelly’s house. It spread like a fire in the jungle and the question was raised that whether Tom and Shelly were a perfect match? Does dating websites help in finding love?

The Freshman

With the entry of Tessa in the middle of the semester, she faced many difficulties in settling down in the college and hostel. No one made any efforts in making her comfortable. One day, she went to the library for her library card when she saw Hardin staring at her. At first, she felt uncomfortable which made him stop staring. Just when she was leaving the library, she dropped the books accidentally. Hardin came and helped her and they got to talking. As they started hanging out more, a new bond of friendship was created. Questions were raised when Tessa’s roommate asked her who she is talking to every time because there is no one to be seen. This gave chills to Tessa and she started wondering about the freshman.

The Heist

The gang that created a fuss about three years ago reunited for one last time because the robbery they were planning this time was very popular and could make them so rich that they do not have to work again in their lives. The name of the leader is Samar who knows every latest technique of planning the robbery. He leads the other member of the group and they follow him without asking him any questions. Before the heist, other members of the gang noticed some changes in Samar but they were too afraid to ask so they just let it slide. On the day of the robbery, Samar left them and without any attention, the crown of the queen was stolen. The members were confused. Was Samar behind the stolen crown or not?

High School Story

Intending to forget his dark past, Augustus moved to a new school. This is the high school story of Augustus who has lost his best friend to suicide. His parents have asked him to forget the past. He is doing this just for their sake so that they do not worry about his condition too much. One day Augustus was punished for coming late to school so he was punished to stand outside the class. At the same time, Stalin was also given the same punishment. They both got to talking and told each other about their favorite Marvel characters. Is this the start of a new friendship? Will Augustus ever forget his past and move on?

Most Wanted

The Sergeant summoned Jonathan and Martin to handle them in an emergency case. They are considered one of the best detectives who have a history of solving cases very quickly. This assignment was given the most priority because they have to catch a murderer that is on the list of most wanted for several years. The detectives started to plan and plot against the culprit. It was reported that the murderer was coming in town for two days with a fake name. They both informed the local police about the whereabouts so that they can prepare beforehand. The murderer was caught the second he landed in the town and it was only possible because of Jonathan and Martin.

How To Read Them All

You will probably need a lot of diamonds and keys to read each and every one of them, and unlock all the different endings there are to them. This is going to cost a bomb on your wallet or a load your time to watch the ads, which often reduces your enjoyment of the game as your interest will fade by the time you have enough currencies to continue the stories.

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