How To Get Free Diamonds On Choices


Choices Stories You Play is a game that allows the user to control the happenings of the game and decide the narrative of the game. Be it an adventure or falling in love- choices is the game that relies on the choice of the player and proceeds accordingly.

What Is The Role Of Diamonds In The Game?

After finishing one chapter of the game, the player is entitled to receive diamonds and these diamonds are further used to unlock other premium stories. A beginner in the game receives a small number of diamonds once he starts to play. Cheats and hacks have a very significant role to play in the process of getting diamonds in this game but the question remains on how to get free diamonds on choices. The cheats and means to do this are multifarious and they can be used by both beginners as well as experienced players.

How To Earn Diamonds On Choices?

  • There are some mediocre methods by which diamonds can be earned in the game. One of the methods is to keep reading a new story at the end of which a person is liable to receive diamonds.
  • There are people who replay one story again and again in order to earn diamonds, but that option should not be followed as diamonds cannot be earned the second time by doing a replay of the story.
  • An effective way that outlines how to get more diamonds on choices is to complete all the achievements that are written down in the game. Completing every achievement fetches the player diamonds as well as experience points.

How To Buy Diamonds On Choices By Paying Real Money?

There is a game shop present within the game where the players can buy diamonds and game currencies by paying money. There is a variety of game pack that is made available on this shop and can be brought by the player. The bigger the game pack, the better is the deal. On special events, there are bundle packs offered to players at really reasonable prices.

Using The Mod APK: Safe Or Not?

Any person who is looking out for answers on how to get diamonds on choices definitely seeks for ways he can swell up his count of diamonds. A Mod APK is a file that can be downloaded from the internet and gives a lot of free diamonds. In order to download this file, the version of the game that is already installed should be uninstalled and the APK file should be installed which helps the person to secure premium gems. But this option is not safe and not recommended.

Using A Generator:

A diamond generator is a trick that enables a user to generate a lot of diamonds. The generator consists of three tabs that require the person to enter his username and the number of keys and diamonds he needs. Post clicking the generator button, the diamonds just rolls in.

The inputs on how to get unlimited diamonds in choices hack are really helpful in securing a lot of diamonds and staying on the top of the game.