How To Get Free Keys On Choices


Choices Stories You Play is an entertaining package of games that offers a fun-filled adventure to all the players. There is a huge range of stories to choose from and the players can play these games while assuming the central character of the game. The outcome of the whole game is dependent on the choices that one makes throughout the game.

Gaming Currency: Keys

In order to understand how to get free keys on choices, it is important to understand the significance of keys. All the stories consist of a lot of books and are free to be played. The first of the books are free and can be read in order to keep the players entirely hooked on. Keys are the elements that are essential to unlock the books in case a player wishes to read more. They are also used to unlock the books of the most promising series. They can be brought for either paying real money or by the use of cheats.

Earning The Keys By Using Cheats:

There are a lot of methods that give is insights on how to get more keys in choices. The pursuit of getting keys demands patience from the players.

One way is to read a lot of books and earn keys. After accumulating a good number of keys, they can be used to obtain entry to their favourite books.

The other way to gain more keys is to level up the key count by finishing all the achievements that have been aforementioned in the game. Against each and every achievement, there is an experience point attached which can be utilized further whilst playing the game. These achievements can be categorized on the basis of accessibility and hence a plan can be chalked out to achieve them in a phased manner.

Earning The Keys By Using Money:

Gaming currencies such as keys can also be earned using real money. This is one of the most famous methods that elucidate how to get keys on choices. Within each game, there is a place known as the game shop from where keys can be brought and purchased using real money. A variety of packs are available for players especially the bundle packs that are available at exciting prices during important occasions.

Using A Mod APK File:

A Mod APK file can be used to download a version of the game that offers a huge number of keys, and diamonds, which can be used throughout. The APK file link should be clicked on and then installed, for which the game can be played for generating keys. However, the safety and security of this method are a bit dicey. Read more on why so in our article.

A better alternative is to use a Choices Stories You Play hack generator like ours.

How To Use The Generator?

In order to know more about how to get more keys on choices, a person should also be able to use the generator which is available for the game of choices. The usage requires the player to enter his username and the number of keys that he requires. Upon clicking the generator button right below at the end of the page or here, the requisite number of keys is generated.

‘Choices’ is an absolutely delightful game which becomes more powered and interesting with the introduction of cheats and hacks.